Get into the habit of labelling everything, however small! It can save you hours. Try having a bundle of labels close to your weaving, spinning or dyeing (and a pen/pencil) – it will make a difference. It is always useful to record the Date and the type of Fibre. Other information might include the Dye used, the Loom used, the Sett, the Weight of the finished piece. For Spinning, you might add the Method of preparation (combed, carded, etc.), type of Fleece, and Wraps per inch (WPI).


Tying skeins

‘Figure of 8’ ties around skeins, three or four of them per skein, help to keep the integrity of the skein during the dyeing process. Don’t be mean with the amount of yarn you use – the fibres need room to move. If the ties are too tight, you will find the dye isn’t taken up well by the fibre under the tie.