The Guild has a range of books, pamphlets, audiovisual material and equipment. Items may be borrowed by members.


The following equipment is available for loan. Full details are provided in a catalogue of equipment (complete with photographs of every item) which can be referred to in the Guild library.

Guild Equipment
Ashford Wheel 1
Ashford Wheel 2
Dryad Wheel? 3
Bobbins for Traveller
Bobbins for Dryad
Drum carder
Carders (pair)
Blending brush
Blending Board
Flick carder
Niddy Noddy
Lazy Kate
Lazy Kate
Inkle Loom 1
Inkle Loom 2
Inkle Loom 3
Tapestry Loom 1
Tapestry Loom 2
Woodcrafty peg loom
+ extra pegs
Peg loom board (no pegs)
Viking Woolcombs

There are also some items not in store which will be added to this page when they are available for loan.


Title Author(s) Copies
Backstrap Weaving B Taber & M Anderson
Byways in Hand Weaving Mary Weigs Atwater
Designing on the Loom Mary Kirby
Double Weave Plain and Patterned Harriet Tidball 2
Egyptian Landscapes Ramses Wissa Wassef School
Foundations of Weaving Mike Halsey/L Youngmark
Hand Weaving Mad Duchemin
Handweaver’s Pattern Book Anne Dixon
Handweaving designs and instructions Lotte Becher
Handweaver’s Instruction Manual Harriet C Douglas
Handwoven Rugs Mary Meigs Atwater
Handweaving on Two Way Looms
Ideas in Weaving Ann Sutton/David Cripps
Inkle Loom Weaving Frances B Smith
Inkle Weaving Lavinia Bradley
Introducing Weaving Phyl Shillinglaw
Linen, Hand Spinning and Weaving Patricia Baines
New Key to Weaving Mary E Black
Nigerian Handcrafted Textiles Joanne Bubolz Eicher
Pat Bloor Tapestries Edited by Kate Jennings
Patterns for Weaving Jocelyn Burt 3
Practical Four-Shaft Weaving Vera Miles
Rag Rugs Ann Davies
Rugs and Wall Hangings The Pattern Library
Rug Weaving Klares Lewes/Helen Hutton
Small Woven Tapestries Mary Rhodes
Tapestry Weaving Kirsten Glasbrook
Techniques of Rug Weaving Peter Collingwood
The Techniques of Tablet Weaving Peter Collingwood
Textiles & Weaving Structures Peter Collingwood
The Craft of the Weaver Sutton, Collingwood & Hubbard
The Craft of Weaving Irene Waller
The Joy of Handweaving Osma Gallinger Tod
The Technique of Woven Tapestry Tadek Beutlich
The Weaver’s Craft L E Simpson/M Weir 3
The Weavers Workbook Hilary Chetwynd
Two -harness Textiles, Open-work weaves H Tidball
Undulating Web Effects Harriet Tidball
Weave Cambridge Guild WSD
Weaving Nell Znamierowski 3
Weaving and Spinning Edited by Yvonne Deutch
Weaving Bands L Trotzip & A Axelsson
Weaving for Amateurs Helen Coates
Weaving is Creative Jean Wilson
Woven Rugs Ronald Grierson
Your Rug Making Klares Lewes/Helen Hutton
A Dyers Manual Jill Goodwin 2
Dyes and Fabrics Joyce Storey
Dyes from Plants Seonaid Robertson
Dye Plants and Dyeing Handbook
Natural Dyes & Home Dyeing Rita J Adrosko 2
Natural Plant Dyeing Handbook
Natures Colours Ida Grae
The Use of Vegetable Dyes Violetta Thurston
American Indian Designs for Needlepoint D P Storey
Appliqué Album Quilts
Charted Designs for the Kitchen
Classic Quilted Vests M Fons & E Porter
Embroidered Boxes Jane Lemon
Fabric Origami Rosemary Muntus
Glorious Needlepoint Kaffe Fassett
Needlepoint, the Art of Canvas Embroidery M Rhodes
Persian Rug Motifs for Needlepoint Lyatif Kerimov
Quilting Penny McMorris
Quilting in Squares K Fisher & E Kay
Russian Folk Needlepoint Designs Frieda Hapern
Sashiko, a Japanese Sewing Technique Rosemary Muntus
The Little Book of Wrapped & Folded Patchwork Rosemary Muntus
Creative Knits Ruth Maria Swepson
Knitting with Dog Hair K Crolius & A montgomery
Scandinavian Knitwear Alice Starmore
Coloured Sheep & Handspinners Fleece Directory
Creative Crafts with Wool and Flax Molly Duncan
How to Spin just about anything Janet Renouf-Miller
Spindle Spinning
Spinning Wheels, Spinners & Spinning Pat Baines 2
Spinning the Fleece Barbara Hamilton
The Essentials of Yarn Design Mabel Ross
Hand Woolcombing and Spinning Peter Teal
A Woman’s Place Majorie Filbee
Instructions for Cutting out Apparel for the Poor Costume & Textile Assoc
Baltic-Style Patterns on the Inkle Loom Anne Dixon
Handwoven Rugs Mary Meigs Atwater
Inkle-Loom Weaving (The Basics and Design) Anne Dixon
Shawls Pamela Clabburn
Slip Knot December 1986 Knitting & Crochet Guild
Slip Knot June 1986 Knitting & Crochet Guild
Slip Knot September 1986 Knitting & Crochet Guild
Smocking Needle Crafts 5
Smocks Maggie Hall
The Art of Selling Your Craft Craft-Link UK 2
Two -harness Textiles, Open-work weaves H Tidball
Wool and Wool-Sorting M & P Prior
Woven Rugs Ronald Grierson
The Slide Collection 1971–2010 AGWSD
The Terrible Knitters of Dent Bettly Hartley/Elizabeth Middleton