Diss WSD

About Diss and District Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers

As a Guild we are interested in the improvement of craftsmanship in weaving, spinning and dyeing, along with the preservation and promotion of these skills. We are also interested in other related textile crafts that allow us to extend our weaving, spinning and dyeing skills.


The current committee (Nov 2021 – Oct 2022) consists of :

  • Chairman: Juliet Bonner
  • Secretary: Pam Ross
  • Treasurer: Anne Acres
  • Committee Members: Jenny Read, Mary Watkins, Susan Percival

Further Committee Member(s) may be co-opted as the need arises.

To contact us, either email the secretary or fill in the Contact form.

Our logo shows a distaff which is attached to a spinning wheel when spinning flax. Flax was grown widely around Diss a few centuries ago. Once harvested, flax is retted (rotted in water) and then heckled (beaten) until it forms flax ‘strick’ or fibres. The strick is slippery so it needs to be tied to the distaff so that threads can be pulled out a little at a time to spin a linen thread. The word distaff is not named after the town of Diss but what a coincidence!

Further Information